Associate Members of Seed Association of Ukraine

Nordic Seed was founded in 2008. The company's breeding and research strategies are designed to provide farmers with varieties of wheat, barley, rye, peas and field beans with superior yield potential, as well as maintaining stable yield under different weather conditions.

Gorodissky & Partners Ukraine is the largest and one of the leading firms in the field of Intellectual Property in Ukraine. During 20 years of activity, Gorodissky and Partners Ukraine have registered more than 6,500 inventions and utility models, more than 6,700 trademarks, more than 560 industrial designs, included more than 50 trademark registrations in the Customs Register and proved its leadership among firms in the IP field on the Ukrainian market.

May Seed (May Agro Tohumculuk Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.) has been engaged in research, production, domestic and international sale of vegetable, field, industrial and forage crop seeds since 1978 under the brand name, MAY. MAY is Turkey’s leading agricultural sector investor with its annual certified seed production and processing capacity of 35.000 tons and over 100 agronomist specialists employed.

NPZ Ukraine is a supplier of high-yielding rapeseed hybrids seeds of Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht Hans Georg Lembke KG (NPZ, Germany) and grain, oil and other crops’ seeds of SAATEN-UNION (Germany). During many years numerous experiments have been established in Ukraine and Germany to identify the best adaptation of breeding material to the climatic conditions of Ukraine, and to test various elements of cultivation technology in order to provide further competent recommendations to farmers.

LNZ Group is a Ukrainian vertically-integrated agroindustrial holding specializing in the trade of sowing materials and plant protection products, grain and technical crops, animal husbandry and grain trader activities. It was created on the basis of Lebedynsky seed plant. Since 2018, LNZ Group has been developing its own businesses.

Office of the Agricultural Counsellor represents in Ukraine the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality. The office serves as a link between Dutch and Ukrainian producers of agricultural products, agrifood and agro-industry enterprises. Our activities are aimed at cooperation between Dutch and Ukrainian companies, educational and research institutes and state institutions.

The company Saatbau is an Austrian cooperative, which already for 60 years has been engaged in breeding, seed production and seed marketing in Europe. The cooperative consists of 3,000 farmers who are growers and owners of the company. In 2013, the company opened a subsidiary in Ukraine. Saatbau Ukraine, LLC has its own breeding in three directions: cereals, soybeans and their own maize breeding program. There are already some registered varieties in Ukraine.

BC INSTITUTE” LLC is a newcomer to the Ukrainian Market. The company is a representation of Croatian firm BC Institute Zahreb. The company starts to work in Ukraine; it has 5 hybrids of maize, and registers wheat for commercial distribution in Ukraine.

Sakata Vegetables Europe is a subsidiary of Sakata Seed Corporation (Japan) and is responsible for the development and expansion of the activities across the EMEA area. With our wide array of vegetable seeds, we want to create a confidence-based relationship with our customers, working to our age old motto of Quality, Reliability and Service. Our head office is located in Uchaud, Gard, France. The company is a team of more than 100 workers, dedicated to your satisfaction.

"Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Plant Breeding" (VNIS) is the leading plant breeding company in Ukraine, which specializes in the creation and production of major crops' seeds. The company is based on the hard work of the Ukrainian geneticist' and breeders' family named Parii. Over the years, VNIS company has proven itself as a reliable partner in high quality seed material among the farmers, that is a guarantee of high and stable yields.