LNZ Group

LNZ Group is a Ukrainian vertically-integrated agroindustrial holding specializing in the trade of sowing materials and plant protection products, grain and technical crops, animal husbandry and grain trader activities. It was created on the basis of Lebedynsky seed plant. Since 2018, LNZ Group has been developing its own businesses:

In November 2018, a group of LNZ companies introduced a new brand of generic plant protection products "DEFENDA" to the Ukrainian market; In the spring of 2019, the LNZ Group introduced the UNIVERSEED corn and silage hybrid brand; In the summer of 2019, the company launched the innovative online platform LNZ web; In 2019, the LNZ Group announced the entry into the Ukrainian market of a new brand of silage and grain hybrid maize seeds in the format of their own private label, Legend seed.