Working meeting on the protection of plant variety rights

On Saturday, June 15th, 2013 took place the working meeting of Chief executive of the Seed Association of Ukraine Valeriy Khadzhymatov, Technical director of European Seed Association Bert Scholte and Director of Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination Petro Vasyliuk. The purpose of the meeting all above was the discussion of a number of key issues, in particular:

- system of receiving seeds for testing;

- compliance with procedures for coding and privacy issues when dealing with seeds;

- need for improvement of IPR protection;

- compliance with testing methods;

- procedure of collecting and analyzing data from the research.

At the same time, Bert Scholte on behalf of companies - members of the European Seed Association, members of seed market in Ukraine, expressed concern about the process of importing seeds for variety testing by companies in the sowing period 2013 and emphasized on the importance of timely delivery of samples for further qualitative examination.

These issues are also important because if the situation remains unchanged, Ukraine will not be able to attract new varieties and the latest breeding developments to the market.

During the meeting was emphasized the need to address the raised issues effectively on the basis of mutual cooperation and joint efforts of participants.