ESA (European Seed Association) welcomes the initiative of the Commission to launch a public consultation on the future of the CAP. The agri-food chain starts with seeds. Plant breeding and seed companies are integral to farming, delivering much needed innovation. We share responsibility with farmers, processors and others to provide food security and deliver innovation and diversity in food, feed and energy production whilst protecting our environment, improving the sustainability of our agri-food chain.


Seed Association of Ukraine will take part in work of the IV International Forum on Intellectual Property, which will be held in Kiev on 7 June. The event will bring together government officials, judges, leading lawyers who work in IP sphere, as well as other industry representatives. This event will be a professional platform for discussing  industry problems and finding solutions.


ІІ International Forum on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy “Counterfeiting and Piracy as threats to national security and economy” to be held in Kyiv on April 19 and 20, 2017. A special section of the event will be devoted to these issues in the field of seed production – Round table 4 “Security of The Future: Crops Protection Means and Plant Varieties (Seeds and Plants)”


Dear colleagues,

Seed Association of Ukraine wishes you Happy Easter!


Ukraine has yet to achieve recognition of seed certification system equivalent to EU requirements in order to export seed of its own production to the EU countries and to get full access to the international markets. Thus, in 2011, Ukraine requested the European Commission representatives to perform audit. This inspection, which covered cereal crops: oats, barley, rice, rye, wheat, triticale, as well as corn and sorghum, was conducted by the EU Commission's Directorate General DG Sante in the period from 26th of May to 4th of June, 2015.


Kyiv, Ukraine, March 15, 2017 – Today Seed Association of Ukraine held a meeting on the implementation of the system of collection of royalties on the seed market. The event was attended by the companies-members of the association, representing its working group on royalties; Nicolas Perrin, Advisor on agricultural matters for the Embassy of France in Ukraine; Oleksii Soloviov, Ph.D., attorney-at-law, legal firm Jeantet Ukraine, and Marc Lecrivain, representative of French specialized organization Sicasov, involved in collection and payment of royalties.


The Board Meeting of Seed Association of Ukraine took place in Kyiv today, January 27, 2017. This event was visited by the honorary guest, Michael Keller, Secretary General of the International Seed Federation. Head of the ISF delivered a report on the activities of the federation, collaboration with Seed Association of Ukraine and urgent issues of the international seed industry.

International Seed Federation is a voice of more than fifty national associations and at represents the interests of over 7,500 companies.


Seed Association of Ukraine and industry business associations have sent an open letter to Maksym Martyniuk, the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, that highlights that to date the process of seed certification hasn’t been renewed and suggests solutions to resolve this situation. Renewal of continuity of seed certification is of high importance in the period from December to February, taking into consideration that it is the very time for the process of certification of seed that is being locally produced from the previous year’s harvest as well as imported for this year’s sowing.


The delegation from Ukraine is planning to participate in the next scheduled meeting of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD, that will take place in Paris from January, 31st, to February, 3rd. The issue of extension of participation of Ukraine in OECD Schemes for the Varietal Certification of Seed Moving in International Trade is on the agenda of the meeting working technical group.

In particular, Ukrainian application to join the OECD Schemes for sugar beet seeds will be put under review on February, 2nd. It is also expected, that Ukraine will provide a self-evaluation report to the 2017 Annual Meeting of OECD


Seed Association of Ukraine and other industry and business associations have sent an open letter to Volodymyr Groysman, Prime Minister of Ukraine, that highlights the need to ensure consistency of seed certification, from which depends the course of spring sowing campaign.