IV International Forum on Intellectual Property, IPF-2017, was held in Kyiv on June 7. In the course of the second session of the event, titled "Intellectual property as a business asset", the issue of the legal regulation of plant varieties as objects of intellectual property was brought into attention.


ESA (European Seed Association) welcomes the initiative of the Commission to launch a public consultation on the future of the CAP. The agri-food chain starts with seeds. Plant breeding and seed companies are integral to farming, delivering much needed innovation. We share responsibility with farmers, processors and others to provide food security and deliver innovation and diversity in food, feed and energy production whilst protecting our environment, improving the sustainability of our agri-food chain.

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Seed Association of Ukraine (SAU) and the companies-members of the association participated in the specialized workshop "Diagnostics of problems of corn". The event was held July 13, 2017 in Kyiv and was organized by the French National Federation of Seed Maize and Seed Sorghum Production (FNPSMS).