European Seed Association (ESA) held its Annual Meeting on 9-11 October in Rome. Ukraine was represented at this important event by Seed Association of Ukraine in the person of Siuzana Hryhorenko, its Executive Director.


International Seed Federation (ISF) has approached Taras Kutovyi, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, with an official letter to facilitate the review of the request of Seed Association of Ukraine to increase the maximum quantities of imported trial seeds. By presenting this document, the international expert organization fully supports the position of the Seed Association of Ukraine on this issue.


Topic: «Prospects of Ukraine’s seed branch development as a part of integration processes of world economy» which will take place on 27 February 2013 in Kyiv in Ramada Encore Kiev 



On 13 September 2012 at the seed plant Cherlis (Bilozir’e, Cherkassy region) with the support of Euralis Semence LLC was held a field day.

World’s leaders took part in the event - multinational companies in the field of seed that are in the seed market of Ukraine, and are members of the Seed Association of Ukraine.

Obtaining a profitable yield index considerably depends on the initial choice of seeds of crop planned to grow. In this case, the most urgent issue is selection of seeds for new season.



On 27 September 2012 took place a meeting of the Board of Seed Association of Ukraine (SAU).


Board of Association has confirmed an openness of membership in association for companies that chose policy of reliability, transparency and efficiency in the agricultural market of Ukraine. New members are Sampo-Ukraine, Ukraine Sesvanderhave, Rijk Zwaan Ukraine.




On 20 September was held this year’s field day of German agricultural centre (hereinafter referred to as GermanAC). The event took part at the same time as "open day" to present the activities and success of GermanAC.

On 7th September 2012 the company Agrobonus held the 2nd National Field Day on the topic: “Complex approach in the modern agroproduction”.