Seed Association of Ukraine held General Assembly

The Seed Association of Ukraine (SAU) General Assembly took place in Kyiv on the 14th of July, 2017. This event is one of the key moments of the business calendar for its participants, the companies members of the Association, - acknowledged leaders of the seed market.

The Annual General Assembly of the Association members is its highest governing body, bearing strategic importance for the activities of the Association.

During the General Assembly, the results of activities for the reporting period and plans for the current year were presented to the members of the Association by the Chairperson of the Board and the Executive Director of the Association. Specifically, Siuzana Hryhorenko, the Executive Director of the Association, presented a detailed report on activities from June 2016 to July 2017. The full version of the report is available in the section "For Members of the Association".

The Board of the Association election results were announced as well.

Thus, Vyacheslav Gavrylianchyk, SYNGENTA LLC, was elected the Chairperson of the Board for the next reporting period, starting from 07.2017 to 06.2018; Romain Desthieux, the General Director of Maisadour Semences Ukraine, was re-elected the Deputy Chairperson of the Board.

On behalf of all member companies of the Association, we would like to thank Olexander Fedorov, the General Director of KWS-Ukraine LLC, for hard work on position of Chairperson of the Board for two terms.

We were very pleased to see the chief executives and representatives of the companies members of the Association and to hear the frank opinions of the world leaders who successfully work at the highest level of seed production business in Ukraine, while developing friendly and partnership relations at their activities.

We sincerely thank everybody for the active participation, pro-activity; and we are looking forward to seeing you at the next meetings and events of the Association!

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