As many as two new members joined Seed Association of Ukraine

There are 2 new companies in the ranks of the Association – as according to the results of the regular Meeting of the Board of Seed Association of Ukraine, which took place on December 17, 2021. At this date, applications for membership in the Association from new participants - FARMSAAT UKRAINE LLC and T.V.K. Agriculture (Farmer) Enterprise - were reviewed and approved. For both applications, the members of the Board voted unanimously and as a result the companies received the status of associate members.

FARMSAAT UKRAINE LLC is a new seed company in the market of Ukraine Founded by the German company FARMSAAT, it is only in its first year of activity, which has been largely devoted to administrative matters. The company's portfolio in Ukraine currently includes 9 corn hybrids.

T.V.K. Agriculture (Farmer) Enterprise is an enterprise from Kyiv region, founded as a family company in 2000. The company has the status of an elite seed enterprise and multiplies pre-basic, basic and certified seeds of foreign companies, including member companies of the Association, and serves as a basic enterprise for a number of Ukrainian institutions. T.V.K. Agriculture (Farmer) Enterprise is active in production of seeds of winter wheat, soybeans and beans

Background information

The Board of Seed Association of Ukraine is the governing body of the industry specific association, consisting of active members - market leaders. The Board includes Limagrain Ukraine, the current chairperson of the Board (July 2021 – June 2022), which is represented by its CEO – Viktor Karbivskyi; BASF T.O.V., Euralis Semences Ukraine, KWS-Ukraine, MAS Seeds, RAGT Semences Ukraine, Syngenta. Meetings of the Board, which determine the direction of activities of the Association, make decisions on its members, are held with the participation of Siuzana Grygorenko, the Executive Director of SAU, with the obligatory participation of at least 2/3 full active members, and with invited guests, such as representatives of candidate companies.