SAU took part in workshop on diagnosing problems of corn breeding

Seed Association of Ukraine (SAU) and the companies-members of the association participated in the specialized workshop "Diagnostics of problems of corn". The event was held July 13, 2017 in Kyiv and was organized by the French National Federation of Seed Maize and Seed Sorghum Production (FNPSMS). In the first theoretical part of the workshop, specialists of the French Institut du vegetal Arvalis, a member of FNPSMS, presented a detailed overview of the various types of risk factors and problems that occur while breeding corn. Experts highlighted the importance of the diagnostics of biological factors posing risks for harvest, such as pests, diseases and weeds, and the state of plants. The second part of the event took place directly at the field site where experts could show in practice how to diagnose certain problems of corn.

Seed Association of Ukraine expresses gratitude to the organizers of the workshop!

Materials of the event are available in the section “For members of the Association”.