Rijk Zwaan

The world-known breeding and seed company Rijk Zwaan began its activity in Ukraine in 1998 and in 2000 a subsidiary Rijk Zwaan Ukraine LLC was opened. Today it is an international company engaged in breeding and seed production of vegetable crops, it is focused on developing high quality varieties and hybrids for enterprises professionally engaged in vegetable farming. Company’s seed is for industrial cultivation in protected and open ground.

Rijk Zwaan has 10 large breeding stations located in different climatic zones of the world and it is one of the five leading companies specializing in breeding and seed production of vegetables.

Rijk Zwaan Ukraine LLC is the market leader in vegetable seeds; high quality service and support of manufacturers; a wide range of vegetable seeds; modern production technology of vegetables adapted to different soil and climatic and economic conditions; cooperation with the main vegetable market participants (producers, processing companies, wholesale and retail trade); training and exchange of experience at the international level.