Online Seed Forum-2021 Conducted by Seed Association of Ukraine

On March 11, 2021, on the Zoom platform, Online Seed Forum-2021, the main event of the Ukrainian seed market, took place. The organizer of this free online meeting was Seed Association of Ukraine, SAU, in partnership with the APK-Inform Agency and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine. Sponsorship was provided by the companies active members of SAU - "Syngenta", "KWS-Ukraine", "MAS Seeds Ukraine", and "BASF T.O.V.".

The forum, which was conducted fully in the online format and lasted 4 hours, was attended by almost 200 participants - representatives of the agro-industrial complex from 20 countries all over the world (Ukraine, Italy, USA, Russian Federation, Turkey, Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Latvia, Romania, Argentina, UK, Austria, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Kazakhstan). Thanks to such representation, in 2021, the annual seed forum, conducted by SAU, has become a really international one. Moreover, such a status was also supported by the involvement of international speakers, in particular, thanks to the participation of the representatives of the International Seed Federation, ISF, and European seed association Euroseeds.

Representatives of the government bodies, specialized organizations, analysts and experts of the seed segment, namely companies-producers of seed materials, were also invited to speak at the main seed forum.

It was extremely difficult for the speakers to meet the time allotted for reports, because they wanted to say a lot - taking into the changes in weather and climatic conditions, international relations and other factors, new rules of the game appear every year not only in the seed market. The first section of the Online Seed Forum-2021 was dedicated to the development trends of the seed sector on a global scale.

The next section was dedicated to the sowing campaign of 2021, namely - the agro-climatic conditions that scientists expect, as well as the current offers of seed producers for Ukrainian farmers.

More details in the follow-up media release (in Ukrainian).