Mission and Goals of Ukrainian Seeds Association

The main purpose of Seed Association of Ukraine is efficient protection of its Members interests as well as promotion of international standards of seed industry in Ukraine.

The main tasks of Seed Association of Ukraine are as follows:

  • Arrangement of conditions for professional discussions between the representatives of seed industry on the basis of mutual respect and consensus in working out priorities for the development of civilized seed market of  Ukraine.
  • Give line to the Association Members on news in legislative area and tendencies of seed market.
  • Arrangement of conditions for information and experience sharing between the Association Members.
  • Promoting the interests and improving the image of the Association Members.
  • To circulate the information in mass media about the activity of the Association as well as its Members and to increase customers and rural population awareness of Association Members ideas, innovations, products and achievements.
  • Giving a support to new technologies and furthering  the implementation of the best new varieties and hybrids in Ukraine.
  • Active cooperation with Governmental Authorities in purpose to work out the common approach for seed market improvement.
  • Facilitation in setting up a transparent, efficient and foreseeable seed market in the country.
  • Improving the rules of fair competition on the seed market under the legislation in force of Ukraine.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights releating to Plant Breeding and Seeds.
  • Take active part in the development of legislation of Ukraine concerning the improvement of seed market.
  • Expand successful and mutually beneficial cooperation with other associations, association members, feed and food manufacturers and other seed market stakeholders, establishing fruitful cooperation with scientific research institutions as well as with international organizations.
  • Facilitate the Ukrainian seed industry to adopt international rules and standards.
  • Improving the image of Ukraine at international market as a reliable partner for seed business partnerships and investments.