AIC MAIS, VLADAM YUG, and DANUBE AGRO have joined Seed Association of Ukraine

Seed Association of Ukraine welcomes its new members - companies AIC MAIS, VLADAM YUG, and DANUBE AGRO. The decision to take into consideration their applications and to approve them as associate members of the industrial association were introduced at the regular Board Meeting of the association, which took place in Kiev, on June 1st, 2017. Based on its results, the Board members unanimously voted for the companies’ joining Seed Association of Ukraine.

Agroindustrial Company MAIS has been an important player in the agricultural market of Ukraine for over 20 years, and it has achieved significant results in many areas of agriculture. The main field of the company’s activities is need production. AIC MAIS is working on developing our own selection in order to create the most efficient hybrids for the modern climate conditions. 15% of the acreage in Ukraine are sown with the hybrids of the Cherkasy “Mais” origin 15%. 60% of the AIC MAIS production is consumed by the largest agricultural holdings that work in Ukraine.

VLADAM YUG company has been successfully working with Clause, the largest French plant breeding and seed company, for over 10 years and it is the official importer of the Clause seeds to Ukraine. Clause vegetable seeds are constantly tested on the fields of VLADAM farms (in the Mykolaiv oblast more than 350 ha of industrial fields are used for breeding of its crops). The seed is also tested on the fields of farmers in the regions all over Ukraine. In its work VLADAM YUG selects varieties and hybrids that are best suited for the climatic conditions of Ukraine, provide the biggest harvests and show resistance to diseases.

DANUBE AGRO is a subsidiary of the Austrian seed company Probstdorfer Zaattsuht in Ukraine. DANUBE AGRO brings together European quality, reliability and know-how, as well as the Ukrainian experience and deep knowledge of features of the Ukraine markets. In Ukraine the company represents varieties and commercializes seeds of Probstdorfer Zaattsuht trade mark, namely high quality winter wheat, soybean, rapeseed, durum wheat, barley, sunflower. Another activity of the DANUBE AGRO is export of agricultural products.

Seed Association of Ukraine expresses sincere gratitude to the chief executive officers of AIC MAIS, VLADAM YUG, and DANUBE AGRO, who personally introduced their companies, and wish successful cooperation. The Association is always open to companies that have chosen a policy of reliability, transparency, and efficiency in the agricultural market of Ukraine.

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