Seed Association of Ukraine with business community suggests to implement a number of measures to renew seed certification

Seed Association of Ukraine and industry business associations have sent an open letter to Maksym Martyniuk, the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, that highlights that to date the process of seed certification hasn’t been renewed and suggests solutions to resolve this situation. Renewal of continuity of seed certification is of high importance in the period from December to February, taking into consideration that it is the very time for the process of certification of seed that is being locally produced from the previous year’s harvest as well as imported for this year’s sowing.

Seed Association of Ukraine along with the other representatives of the industry appealed to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine to implement a number of urgent measures that would take into account the current lack of process of certification of seeds/ planting material, financial and time expenditures of producers, who have to get ready for the spring sowing campaign, and their need to fulfill contractual obligations.

In particular, there are the following measures proposed: to provide the opportunity to start circulation of seeds based on the OECD and ISTA certificates; to complete the processes of transfer of property ownership from the State Agricultural Inspection and to secure it to the state certification enterprise; to recognize valid codes of labels, assigned by the State Agricultural Inspection, for issuing of certificates in the already formed batches of seeds; to authorize entities, who have appealed to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy according to the established order, to perform the corresponding functions within the process of seed certification.