LLC Euralis Semence


"Euralis Semence" is a  part of the French agricultural group "Euralis" which was founded in South West France in 1936. The main activities of the group are:

- Production of seed, breeding and research activities

- Trader operation of commodity grain.

- Food production.

Unit for the seeds production within the "Euralis" has been working since 1950 and is one of the strategic activities. There is a breeding and seed production of maize, sunflower, winter and spring rape, grain sorghum and soybeans.

Products of LLC "Euralis Semence" in Ukraine has been known since the 1990s under the trademark "Rustica".

Since 2006, "Euralis Semence" has been represented in Ukraine by two its own companies:

- LLC "Euralis Semence Ukraine", a company that conducts business and marketing activities,

- Seed plant in Cherkasy  LLC "Cherlys" which produces seeds for the market of Ukraine and for export to Russia, Belarus and other countries.