Seed Association of Ukraine took part in ESA Annual Meeting

European Seed Association (ESA) held its Annual Meeting on 9-11 October in Rome. Ukraine was represented at this important event by Seed Association of Ukraine in the person of Siuzana Hryhorenko, its Executive Director.
This year European Seed Association Annual Meeting once again set attendance record. The event gathered together over 1,000 participants from all over Europe and other parts of the world, yet again confirming the importance of the ESA activities for the European and international seed sector. This Rome Congress is the most successful ESA Annual Meeting ever, as stated by the organization itself.
Within the framework of the event, European Seed Association and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations put an emphasis on the issues, concerning best preservation and use of genetic resources to further improve varieties with the scope to still feed the world in the future. Moreover, plant breeding innovations and the latest methods of selection that can help breeders be even faster and more targeted in their breeding work for the increasingly complex and demanding markets worldwide were discussed during the Annual Meeting.