Seed Association of Ukraine is an Ordinary Member of ISF

In the framework of integration processes Seed Association of Ukraine establishes cooperation with relevant international organizations. One of the most influential is the International Seed Federation (ISF).

ISF is the principal organization representing the interests of the world seed
industry at a global level.  It brings together seed producers, distributors and other market players, for whom agriculture is the main activity. It promotes strong co-operation among national and regional seed associations, and represents the interests of seed industry at intergovernmental organizations such as OECD, UPOV, ISTA, WIPO and others.
Therefore, close cooperation on equal terms will facilitate communication not only between companies from different countries, but countries in whole as well.
On 26-28 June, 2012 the Annual World Seed Congress was conducted in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with over 800 delegates from around the world. During the session of the General Assembly of ISF Seed Association of Ukraine was accepted as an Ordinary Member to the Seed Federation of Ukraine.
This cooperation will facilitate better exchange of information between countries and enable the practical application of acquired knowledge.