Practical use of global developments


On 13 September 2012 at the seed plant Cherlis (Bilozir’e, Cherkassy region) with the support of Euralis Semence LLC was held a field day.

World’s leaders took part in the event - multinational companies in the field of seed that are in the seed market of Ukraine, and are members of the Seed Association of Ukraine.

Obtaining a profitable yield index considerably depends on the initial choice of seeds of crop planned to grow. In this case, the most urgent issue is selection of seeds for new season.

As of today there are more than a hundred hybrids approved for growing in all climates presented in Ukraine. The vast majority of the latest hybrids are of import selection. Many of them showed good results in Ukrainian fields. But even in this list are hybrids, which should be separated. These details and peculiarities were introduced to guests during the field day.

Guests also had the opportunity to visit the factory shops of "Cherlis" directly, where there is a complete cycle of seed production of various crops. In addition to the known facts about the plant and its modern production lines, farmers were also introduced to a new energy-saving technology and quality control implemented over the last years. These facts over and over prove non-alternative quality of seeds produced on Ukrainian territory.

Using advanced technologies of world leaders in the field and monitoring world tendencies in implementing of advanced technologies and equipment, on the plant the modernization of production is carried annually.

Thanks to the implementation of all the required set of complex technological processes and constant search of cleaning and calibration improvement, the plant brings seeds to the world standards for all parameters: distinctness, uniformity, stability.

The participants discussed a number of issues relating to the development of seed production in Ukraine in general.

During the event, there were discussed the steps of the Government, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, bodies of executive power concerning the functioning of the market of seeds. So, it was noted some progress concerning legislative regulation of basic principles of production and circulation of seeds and planting material, and the procedure of state control in the field of agriculture.

It should be noted the greetings of Jean-Baptiste Mass, CEO of Euralis Semens that reflects both the faith of world-class seed company in Ukrainian farmers, and the trust of our producers to the products of French breeding.

We are very grateful to all the participants of this event for their participation and to the management of "Euralis Semens" for the possibility.