ISF backs Seed Association of Ukraine on issue of increase of the maximum quantities of imported trial seeds

International Seed Federation (ISF) has approached Taras Kutovyi, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, with an official letter to facilitate the review of the request of Seed Association of Ukraine to increase the maximum quantities of imported trial seeds. By presenting this document, the international expert organization fully supports the position of the Seed Association of Ukraine on this issue.
In its letter, ISF highlights that some of the measures of the amended legislation don’t meet the requirements and business model of the vegetable seed companies, given that the legislation allows the import of very small quantities of trial seeds before their registration. Such trials reportedly are not only serving the interest of the breeding companies but also safeguarding the vegetable growers of Ukraine.
International Seed Federation states, that the import of trial seeds is fully controlled by the relevant authorities; their quantities are monitored and recorded, phytosanitary certificates are issued and taxes are paid. The representatives of the organization are certain, that the vegetable industry in Ukraine such any other regions in the world wants to get access to the most advance varieties in order to improve the adaptation to rapidly changing environmental conditions and to the increased pest pressure.
International Seed Federation is the voice of the global seed sector. As of today the organization represents interests of over 7500 seed companies active in breeding, seed production and marketing via the more than fifty member national seed associations. One of the key objectives of ISF is to facilitate the free movement of seed within a framework of fair and science-based regulations, whilst serving the interests of farmers, growers, industry and consumers.