The General Code of Conduct was signed

We inform you that in Match 2012 Seed Association of Ukraine and European Seed Association signed the Code of Conduct which reflects the voluntary support of ethical conduct standards for seed market by all its members.

Main goal of the adoption of the Code is creating and maintaining international standards of behavior in the seeds market aimed at compliance with ethical conduct standards by companies - entities that are active in seed production.

Chief Executive of Seed Association of Ukraine, Valeriy Khadzhymatov, said that the signing of the Code is the evidence that the specific achievements of the European Union, European business are implementing in Ukraine either (companies that have subscribed to the Code in the framework of the Seed Association of Ukraine can operate the rules defined in the document and leverage the advantages in their marketing activities and stating that they are working in the same format as the companies with the worldwide reputation.

The Code is an important step forward because it regulates relations in the sphere that is not regulated by law i.e. Ethical standards activities. On the other hand, work in accordance with the rules of the Code requires greater responsibility of companies offices, proper and transparent procedures for control of the marketing ethics within the organization.

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