DSV-Ukraina acceded to Seed Association of Ukraine

Seed Association of Ukraine is pleased to welcome a new company, DSV-Ukraina, LLC, that has joined our ranks. The company’s application for accession as an associate member was reviewed at the latest Board Meeting of the association, which took place in Kyiv, on December 22, 2018. In accordance with the results of the voting, the members of the Board unanimously supported the accession of DSV-Ukraina to Seed Association of Ukraine.

DSV-Ukraina, LLC, a subsidiary of Deutsche Saatveredelung AG (DSV), was founded in 2010 in Ukraine. The goal of the activities of DSV is breeding of high-yield varieties that correspond to the numerous climatic and biological factors, which are region-specific in Ukraine. The company runs a number of field research stations, involved in the development of seeds, that are situated in all climatic zones of Europe. Ukraine is located in continental climatic zone and the DSV company has been already engaged for many years in targeted breeding of suitable varieties and hybrids. Its hard work in breeding and research has allowed DSV to take leading positions in Germany and Europe.

Seed Association of Ukraine is sincerely grateful to the DSV-Ukraina company for its accession to the organization, and wishes successful cooperation. The Association is always open to companies that have chosen a policy of reliability, transparency, and efficiency in the agricultural market of Ukraine.

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