The German company "NORDDEUTSCHE PFLANZENZUCHT HANS-GEORG LEMBKE KG" has been running its activity in Ukraine for the last 20 years. Since 1998, the interests of the company are officially represented by officially registered office of the company.


The main activities of the NPZ-Lembke are breeding and production of high quality seed of spring and winter rape, peas, cereal and forage crops.


In Ukraine, NPZ-Lembke actively sells hybrids of spring and winter rapeseeds through a network of official distributors. In addition to selling seeds, employees of NPZ-Lembke are involved in initiation of their own experiments in order to adapt breeding material to the climate of Ukraine, along with usage of various means of technology rape cultivation and providing appropriate recommendations to farmers.


Also, NPZ-Lembke in cooperation with the leading farmers of Ukraine carries out the licensed production of winter and spring wheat, winter barley, peas and forage grasses.