Meeting with representatives of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

On April 25, 2012 the meeting with representatives of the mission of monitoring the application of Regulation Schemes of varietal certification of seed of OECD in Ukraine took place at the  Ukrainian Institute of examination of plant varieties.
Among participants were: representatives of member companies of Seed Association of Ukraine, including leading multinational companies – international companies that operate in the seed field; representatives of state bodies, namely Ivan Cherniavskiy, Head of Department for Seed and Seedling Control of State Inspectorate of Agriculture of Ukraine; Petro Vasyilyuk, Head of Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination; representatives of Department of Agriculture of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and others.
By OECD Council Decision of 16 November 2009 Ukraine was accepted to  the members of the OECD Schemes of varietal certification and control of the seeds transportation in international trade, in particular it was accepted to the Scheme for seed crops (wheat and barley) and Scheme for maize and sorgum seed in the OECD Directorate for Trade and Agriculture. Ukraine became a 58th member of Varietal Certification Schemes.
Taking into account that in 2012 it is expected an OECD international audit to be taken place in Ukraine, the competent authorities were visited by the OECD Mission for monitoring the application of Regulation Schemes of Seed Varietal Certification of the OECD.
In the course of the meeting the issues of the practical application of Varietal Certification Schemes by the competent authorities and business entities as well as results of its application were discussed.
It was also emphasized on the importance of final completion of the technical adjustment to the requirements of the OECD. Representatives of the OECD Mission highlighted that the OECD is primarily interested in strengthening and economic growth of each member and thus the Ukrainian integration into the European marketing seed network on competitive conditions.